Friday, June 18, 2010

Its been a while... I worked like crazy this week putting together some signs for the booths at our church's 4th of July outreach.  12 signs... I learned during the process to LOVE my gypsy finally!  I was still highly favoring my DS for my cricut projects up until this week :)  I needed so many different images and it was awesome to be able to not have to worry about hooking up all the different cartridges I combined.  I also designed most of the layouts while sitting at gymnastics for hours on end!  I can't begin to list all the cartridges I used, but it was a lot of Create A Critter and Paper Dolls for Everyday!  I think the new update may have helped a lot.  The Gypsy seemed easier to manuever.  I'm still not sure about the photo app (what exactly is it for?)  and although the contour feature was enhanced, I want to be able to crop some images a lot more than what it would let me!  All in all, I can finally give my YOU NEED THIS recommendation to the Gypsy, yay!!